Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Science is progress. Its transcends all disciplines. It will have greater impact in times to come.

All articles in this book except one have already been published in different newspapers and magazines. The article GAY RIGHTS PARITY CONSERVATION-MIRROR IMAGES has not been published (see Endnote-1). I had sent it to many magazines and newspapers but no one was willing to publish it. May be the connection, which I have tried to build up between the ‘Gay Rights’ and ‘Parity Conservation & Mirror Images’ is too weak,(Endnote-2) or may be the article is controversial. I am neither Gay nor do I approve of it. Then why did I write it? Well, the bond between the two ideas operating in different spheres fascinates me. It is for this reason that the two articles in this chapter were written.

Endnote-1: It has since publication of the 1st edition, published after the controversy over the movie ‘Fire’.

Endnote-2: This is what Dr. Jim Samuelson, a high energy physicist from Sweden, has to say,

'The reason why Mr. Yatindra Singh uses the violation of parity conservation as an argument for the rights of homosexuals is, even if well intended, not entirely transparent. I guess one could use the same phenomenon as an argument against those rights: Since nature allows asymmetry, that might indicate that she also wants asymmetry in sexual relationships namely one representative from each gender not two from both ....
Apart from that, the author seems to have a fairly good grasp of the physics he is discussing. For example he does get the conservation of angular momentum in connection with ice skating right; not everyone does. The statement about symmetry of time is a bit dubious though. As he states it, it is correct – as far as we know: the laws of nature do not change with time.'

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