Friday, April 21, 2006


History is as important to Law as the Law itself is.

Men often talk about women’s rights. It’s fashionable. So do I. In Pretty ones you will find history for equal rights for women in law courts.

One day, when I was talking about women rights, my wife innocently asked me, ‘You merely talk. But do you believe in it? My father practised it. When he came back from Harvard Medical School in 1963; he left his 28 year old wife in Toronto to do her Post Doctoral studies. Would you ever do the same?’

Not to be outdone I answered, ‘My father was a district court lawyer in Banda. He, in 1939 had permitted his 19 year old wife, married but a year ago, to live in a hostel, to do her BA and then LL.B. from Benaras Hindu University.’

The result was that my wife has been abroad many times in connection with her studies and I have yet to go abroad even once.

Aren’t they clever?

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