Monday, December 15, 2014


This speech was delivered on 4.7.2014 in the farewell function oof Justice SK Sinha on his transfer to the Sikkim High Court

My brothers, members of the Bar and Registry, ladies and gentlemen,

Jai Johar, Namaste, and a very good afternoon to all of you.

We have assembled here to bid farewell to Brother Sunil Kumar Sinha.   The letter of the CJI states that he is being transferred to Sikkim for better administration of justice.  But, in fact, he is going there to take over as the Chief Justice  of the Sikkim High Court as soon as the present Chief Justice Shri NK Jain leaves that Court. 

Brother Sinha was born on 7th July 1954.  He assumed office as a Judge of this High Court on 1st December, 2004.  

When I was transferred to this Court, benches were formed by Brother Sapre. My Bench was formed with Brother Sinha. Brother Sapre informed me the reason.  He said that Brother Sinha was not only the senior most local judge but was also  the most balanced and not controversial at all; he would be my best guide at Bilaspur.

After two years of association with Brother Sinha, I realised how true Brother Sapre was. 

In criminal cases his appreciation of facts is good and he is equally well versed in civil cases.  He gave sound advice on administrative matters and I did not take any important decision without consulting him. 

Our loss is Sikkim's gain. But I have no reason to doubt that in Sikkim, Brother Sinha will keep our flag flying high.

With these words, on behalf of my Brother Judges and on my own behalf, I extend good wishes to Brother Sinha and madam Sudharani Sinha. 
Jai Hind.

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