Sunday, May 09, 2010


Implementations, Challenges and The Role of Adjudicating Officers

Painting by Gyzis Nikolaos - from Wikipedia
(Summary: This post explains why every system is not secures and discusses power of adjudicating officers under the Information Technology Act and procedure to be adopted by them.

It was delivered delivered by Justice Yatindra Singh, Judge Allahabd High Court, in seminar on 'Enforcement of Cyber Law' by the National Project Committee and Cyber Appellate Tribunal at NASC PUSA New Delhi on 08.05.2010. 

This text in pdf format may be obtained from here.)

Does it matter as to who is the barber; or who shaves him? Does he require a shave? What matters to an adjudicating officer is―what gain has been made by a hacker; what damage has he caused; and how many times has he done it? 

Nevertheless, it does matter to a hacker, who is the barber and who shaves him. This is why it is relevant to the adjudicating officer (AO) too. Let me explain.

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