Tuesday, December 01, 2015


The debate about gay rights is again heating up. The present Finance Minister, previous Home Minister have come out openly in its support and a prominent Congress MP has tweeted that he has moved a private member’s bill to decriminalize consensual sex between adults of any gender (partial amendment of section 377 Indian Penal Code).

In early 1990's I had written an article in support of gay rights. It was an inter disciplinary study, connecting gay rights with conservation of parity and Right-Left Symmetry. It also dealt with the Wolfendem Committee; its recommendation for decriminalisation of Homosexual behaviour in England and similar laws in other parts of the world. But it was not published by any magazine or newspaper - the idea was too bold for those times. Then it was published in my book 'A Lawyer's World and Childhood dreams'. Here it is, after updating the contents since then.

The article deals with Law as well as physics. Not many are interested in details about both fields. But in case you are, in any one or both of them then details are in the Endnotes.  

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