Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Protection of Computer Software, Open Source and Copyright
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{Summary: The paper explains how computer software is protected and the relationship between open source software and copyright.

It is text of the talk delivered by Justice Yatindra Singh (Judge, Allahabad High Court, email: in the seminar 'Intellectual Property Rights & Open Source Software - Issues & Challenges' organised by Centre for Intellectual Property Rights & NRCFOSS/ AU-KBC Research Centre Anna University Chennai at Srinivasa Ramanujan Hall, Mathematics Department, Anna University Chennai (Main Campus) Guindy, on 3rd March 2010.

A pdf fromat of this article can be downloaded from here.}

I had occasion to interact with NRC FOSS Academia in different conferences; I was also a part of the conference organised by them at Moti Lal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad: I am happy to have met them.

When my programme was finalised, I checked up the home page of Anna University where NRC FOSS is situated. To my surprise and happiness, I found that it has numerous patents in its name. These patents are not only process, but product patents too. This could not have happened without help from the cell for IPR at the University. These patents are in diverse fields. All of them are good but the ones that I liked most are in the field of environment and helping the physically challenged. After all we have not inherited mother earth from our parents but have borrowed it from our children. It is our duty to return it in good condition to them and the physically challenged require our maximum attention.

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